The Cargo to Grenfell Fundraiser Walk - Our mission for mental health

The C2G is a 96km fundraiser walk which takes place in Central West, NSW over three days in the second week of March. An initiative which was created with the purpose to assist people suffering with mental health related issues through a community driven environment dedicated to raising money and awareness

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2021 Event Date is 13th March


The Cargo to Grenfell Walk is a registered fundraising event that takes place each year in March between the two regional towns of Cargo and Grenfell, both located in the Central West of New South Wales.

Participants are put to the test of both mental and physical endurance during the 96km trek with the aim to raise awareness and funds and awareness for overcoming mental health and suicide prevention. 

C2G first began in 2017 when a group of 10 enthusiastic participants took part in a "trial walk". The event was a success and it was decided that the C2G was going to continue as an annual event. In 2018, the event was an even bigger success, exceeding all our goals and expectations... The dream was alive

The objective for 2019 was to grow in participation and impact; We managed to raise over $30,000!

From July 2019, the C2G Walk was registered as a company with NFP status, which allows us to grow and ultimately help more people affected by mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression and Suicide



Rural and Remote Mental Health develops, tailors and implements mental health awareness, prevention and intervention programs Australia-wide, with three key programs culturally tailored for rural and remote communities.

They constantly evaluate their programs to ensure the best and most relevant practice. Their work is evidence-based, and follows a Knowledge Translation approach. These culturally specific mental health programs are professionally researched, designed and administered by their team of specialists.

RRMH’s three tailored programs include practical workshops designed to destigmatise mental ill-health and deliver information about mental health, well-being and suicide prevention.

Rural Minds – for agricultural, pastoral and farming communities.

Deadly Thinking – by and for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Resource Minds – for the mining, quarrying, resources and construction sector.

RRMH program objectives are to:
•    deliver culturally targeted and demonstrably effective prevention programs linked directly to early interventions;
•    raise awareness, reduce mental ill-health stigma and prevent suicides;
•    evaluate and translate the outcomes;
•    educate and train natural helpers and community leaders so as to embed skills and knowledge in communities
•    educate individuals, families and communities with pathways to help


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