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The Cargo to Grenfell Fundraiser Walk - Our mission for mental health

The C2G is a 96km fundraiser walk which takes place in Central West, NSW over three days in the second week of March. An initiative which was created for the purpose of raising awareness and to help improve the lives of people affected by mental health issues in regional communities

Become involved in 2020

2020 Event Dates are 12th -14th March


The Cargo to Grenfell Walk is a registered fundraising event that takes place each year in March between the two regional towns of Cargo and Grenfell, both located in the Central West of New South Wales.

Participants are put to the test of both mental and physical endurance during the 96km trek with the aim to raise awareness and funds and awareness for overcoming mental health and suicide prevention. 

C2G first began in 2017 when a group of 10 enthusiastic participants took part in a "trial walk". The event was a success and it was decided that the C2G was going to continue as an annual event. In 2018, the event was an even bigger success, exceeding all our goals and expectations... The dream was alive

The objective for 2019 was to grow in participation and impact; We managed to raise over $30,000!

From July 2019, the C2G Walk was registered as a company with NFP status, which allows us to grow nad ultimately help improve the lives of people affected by mental health issues such as Anxiety, Depression and Suicide



Contact Us

Cargo to Grenfell Contacts

Event Organiser - Toby Barons

Contact Number - 0421 880 088

Email - c2gwalk@gmail.com

Event Marketing Manager - Sarah Knowles

Contact Number - 0472 789 390

Email - c2gwalk@gmail.com 

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